Google Summer of Code 2014 (Update 2)

The Accepted Students and Proposals

It is my pleasure to report that all five proposals that we selected for the Google Summer of Code on behalf of the Perl Foundation have been accepted for inclusion in the program this year.

The five proposals are:

The next few weeks will see the students and mentors start work on the projects and start the process of writing code. As we progress through the program it is my intention to make sure the students and mentors post regular updates to blogs and to update the community on how well we are progressing.

Let me take the opportunity to thank all the students and mentors who applied and were not succesful this year in either being accepted or having a student to administer. Your willingness and enthusiam is why we have been able to re-join this programme and gain succesful applications and I cannot thank you enough for that.

Please make sure you keep up with the event and talk to us on list and in channel, there may be an opportunity to help with the Google Code-in or next year's Summer of Code.


None of these project descriptions seem to be publicly accessible.

> Proposal: MetaCPAN: Web of Trust and Bug fixes+API Documentation

Since we can't read the proposals themselves, does this imply a cryptographic Web of Trust?

I'd love to be able to add a key fingerprint to my CPAN account, get the key signed by other devs as I meet them, and encourage people to make more signed distributions.

Those link to the project proposals, which are private -- but the accepted projects are public, and are all listed at

My backup mentor is Bruce Gray (Util)

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