OSCON Call for Papers

The OSCON Call for Papers closes this Tuesday, 24th November, at Midnight (US EST) and at this moment there are no papers submitted on Perl.

OSCON has become increasing less language-specific over the years and now doesn’t have language tracks or rooms, however Perl has a long association with this conference including the fact that it evolved from the original Perl Conference and for many years hosted the State of the Onion.

As we approach 2016 with a major new version of Perl in the shape of Perl6 and an ever-vibrant and yearly releases of Perl5 the idea of not having a presence at OSCON is quite strange.

So I am asking all of you to consider if you can submit a talk to this event. We have a very good chance of getting a main room spot if we talk about Perl6 especially since O’Reilly have been pushing known Perl authors on the idea of a Perl6 book. This could be a turning point where we get new Perl5 books as well.

This will not happen without some generous souls from the community digging deep and taking up the torch for the community and language. You, and indeed we, do not have much time, just a little over 48hrs.

You can submit your talk here:

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