The 2016 P5P Hackathon

It is a pleasure to announce that this year the Perl5 Porters Hackathon (, held between the 11th to 14th November in Amsterdam, will be hosted by and officially supported by The Perl Foundation.

The P5P Hackathon is a seeding event for the essential work done inside the Perl core. It functions as a symposium where current, and future, Perl5 hackers can meet and cross-pollinate ideas that may develop into significant future evolution.

This year the Hackathon has three major aims:

  • The sharing of knowledge. This will be facilitated by talks of up to twenty minutes to share information about any field with which the speaker is intimate.
  • To facilitate open discussion. Free participation in conversations regarding important topics you or someone else suggests.
  • Hacking the Code: Working on specific problems in order to reach tangible results.

The Hackathon will take place within two different locations in Amsterdam at offices, both locations are within a short walk of each other.

The Perl Foundation and Perl5 Porters are deeply indebted to our Diamond Sponsors,; our Platinum Sponsors of cPanel and Craigslist; Silver Sponsors, Bluehost; and Bronze Sponsors of Assurant, Grant Street Group and Signature Information Solutions for their support of this, and future Perl Foundation activities.

We are deeply indebted to Fastmail for their full sponsorship of Matthew Horsfall attendance.


This is great news!

Is there an ACT site set up for this event yet? I'd love to add some items to a wiki page for project ideas, and see who is planning to attend.

It won't be an ACT site but I will let you know when we get the wiki up.

@Ether: The site and the wiki can be found here:

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