TPF at OSCON London

Update: OSCON have supplied us with a discount code for unlimited free Pavillon Plus passes to members of Perl related organisations and the broader community. Just use the code: FREEORG. Use this code when registering for the Pavillion Plus pass and it will zero out the balance. You can register at: - thanks to OSCON and O'Reilly for providing this.

This year OSCON, Europe, will be held in London between the 17th-18th October (with a training day on the 19th), the Perl Foundation will once again have a table in the not-for-profit pavilion. As at previous events volunteers will be manning the Perl stand throughout the day on the Monday and Tuesday and they will also be available in the early evening.

The Perl Foundation is hosting the stand, but as we also like to promote the whole Perl community we will be giving away material from various other Perl organisations such as the Perl5 Porters, CPAN Testers, MetaCPAN, Perl6 Community, Mojolicious, Dancer and EPO. The message will be to promote the whole community and not just a single slice. If you have any materials for your project or Perl-related community that you want to share then make sure to contact Mark Keating as soon as possible.

OSCON is a large, and popular, event and it is important that we have a presence, but it is equally important that we interact with the broader Open Source community and this event will hopefully afford us both. If you are thinking of attending OSCON then make sure to head over and say hi at the stand and maybe have a discussion about Perl with the broader community.

We will have a plethora of stickers and badges to give away for free and maybe a few plushes that you can buy.

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