meetup 6th August 2011

Last month we kicked of the meetups for the fledgling group. Our first meetup in July was attended by 3 devs including myself to kick things off, this saturday we had our second ever meetup of
The meetup was attended by Venkat(wolf), kumar ravish and yours truly from the first time and one new member in form of Krishna Abbina from my team at work. We met up at Legends of Rock at Koramangala,(the place serves delicious cheese bites)
We mostly talked about Perl and its application to our daily chores. Each of us come from a diverse background w.r.t. what we do with perl and it made for some very fruitful discussions and KT! :)

Ofcourse the mailing list has a lot more members than the number that have attended our meetups till now, the number of Perl developers in Bangalore being even bigger! So to sum it up we have really high hopes for this group and we are hoping to add new members to every meetup in the time to come.

If you are a perl dev in bangy and looking to network/interact with other fish in the perl pond you should look us up for the next meetup dates and venue at meets next at 7:30 PM on 7th September,2011 in Legends of Rock, Koramangla.



Great to hear that Banglorian have started meeting. I also want to revive I will have to plan a meeting in coming weeks.
Pray for us.

I wish you luck in forming your community, and also luck to the Royal Challengers, hopefully winning the IPL next year!

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