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I'm proud to echo the announcement that the dev blog has just gone live. Quoting the announcement: is an online hotel reservations company founded during the hey-days of the dot com era in the 90s. The product offering was initially limited to just the Dutch market. We grew rapidly to expand our offerings to include 240,000+ accommodations in 171 countries used by millions of unique visitors every month - numbers which continue to grow every single day. With such growth come interesting problems of scalability, design and localisation which we love solving every day.

The blog is kicked off with just a quick, humble article of mine on a debugging module that I published after needing the functionality at work. In a given code location, it allows you to find where in the code base the current set of signal handlers were set up. We plan to publish new content regularly and have a few interesting stories already lined up. So stay tuned!


The article is quite educational and i'd be happy to see more like that on there. On the other hand i get pretty frowny over the entire lack of commentary function. :/

When I subscribed the feed, the “read on…” link ending the first entry on the blog gave me a sinking feeling at first sight, making me think I’d have to contend with a crippled summary-only feed… Thank goodness that turned out to be a false alarm. :-)


Pleasure to have more technical blogs, especially ones by actual companies, too.

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