Perl QA Hackathon 2011 - Day 2

Day 2 was full of Yak shaving. It was not very convincing at first sight
but in the end I think it was ok and needed to be done. The annoyance part of that work is the primary reason why it isn't already done and worth to do on the hackathon.

I basically struggled on 2 topics:

  1. Polish the applications that receive and present the test and benchmark data. At least I now have a Tapper instance running on Though, it still needs actual data fed into it.

    I then tried to set up a codespeed instance to later feed selected benchmark data into it. That application is not Perl but fits the needs. Installation, however, was difficult. Ongoing...

  2. Try to resurrect SpamAssassin.

    SpamAssassin is the only business-relevant Perl-usecase that fulfills
    several criteria as a benchmark. It is Perl. It makes a business-case. It is heavy weight (and that for a good reason, in contrast to just being slow for no reason), which makes it an interesting benchmark application.

    However, SpamAssassin lives his live beside CPAN. The version 3.3.1 on CPAN did not survive some 5.12 deprecations.

    I tried to investigate whether I could fix that "easily"(tm) with, but all my investigations were EPIC FAIL. I gave up in the end to focus on the other topic.

Then there were lots of discussions which alone were worth the hackathon.

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