Pi Day!

Yesterday, when I published and wrote a blog about my new RPi::StepperMotor distribution, I didn't even think that the very next day was Pi Day.

So, although nothing significant could be done in the meantime, I updated that dist with a cleanup() method which resets the GPIO pins at the end of your script, and published version 2.3623 of RPi::WiringPi, which is the top-level framework that allows you to safely pull in all of the other RPi:: distribution objects.

Changes include:

  • bumping GPSD::Parse prereq due to having added some convenience methods to it

  • Documentation fixes and updates (all broken links now work!)

  • incorporation of said RPi::StepperMotor distribution

Nothing major, but since most of my personal programming time the last two years has gone into Raspberry Pi work for Perl, thought I'd do at least something :)

byterock, this one's for you...



Just make sure you publish version 3.1415 next March 14th. :-)

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