berrybrew version 1.34 released!

I've released version 1.34 of berrybrew.

Notable changes:

  • UI elements now update on the fly, so all changes are reflected immediately
  • You can 'use' any version of installed Perl from the UI, which opens up a new CLI window set to use the selected version
  • You can now fetch the updated list of Strawberry Perls available through the UI
  • Cloning installed Perls as well as a myriad of other operations can now be done through the UI
  • The API has been updated so that internal objects are updated live-time. This makes having long-running processes possible
  • Build/Test infrastructure updates
  • Documentation updates
  • Minor bug fixes

I've just got a new full time job, programming in Perl... finally, after several years of looking for that perfect work environment. Some of it will be on Windows (which I haven't used except for developing berrybrew), so I'm actually looking forward to using my own software, especially how useful its become thanks to the new UI I've developed.

Happy Perling!



Thanks for your work! I install berrybrew first three days ago, it is so convenient and small UI is so cute :)

Trying it out!

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