If you're like me, over the years you'll have had your todo lists scattered over multiple programs and places. First a simple text file with homebrewn format, then various Windows programs, then various Linux GUI programs, then back to Notepad and joe/gedit/kate, then various apps on cellphones, then pencil & paper (due to cellphones keep getting lost/stolen), then some cloud apps, then todo.txt, then finally org-mode. And if you're anything like me or many others, you'll find that org-mode is *it*.

I'm now in the (long, boring) process of consolidating everything in Org. For todo lists, contact lists, and even long documents and all journals/diaries. I've written a preliminary version of Org::Parser to help automate stuffs via the command line. It only supports the basic stuffs at the moment but has been able to parse all my *.org files.

The code is available on GitHub.


Org format is pretty hairy. Have you considered using Emacs in batch mode to parse it, or using org-export to munge it into a more parser-friendly format?

Drop me a line, I am also working on an org-mode parser, but have yet to put it up on CPAN. Mine is more targetted at parsing the org-mode formatting into various outputs, like HTML.

TBH, I can't see how I could use this. For example,

looks almost exactly like
    perl -lne '/^(\*+) +(.+)/ and print "  "x length$1, $2'

(modulo blogs.perl formatting nonsense)

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