Swiss Perl Workshop has ROOM

For this year's Swiss Perl Workshop we rented a house that is perfect for all sorts of workshop-like activities.

Apart from the large room were talk are going to be held we have a medium sized room for about 10-15 people and two smaller rooms for 4-8 people.

So, if you are interested in running something like a small hackathon, a half-day course on your favourite Perl topic, or something completely different (but still Perl-related, of course), don't hesitate to contact us.

In the meantime, inspire yourself with a visual tour to the location, buy your ticket, or book on of brian's courses taking place in Switzerland right before and after the workshop.

It is also the right time to submit a talk. We extended the call for paper till July 5.

Also, consider showing up at the next Swiss Perl Community Meetup on June 24.


I wonder if we could put together an Arduino / Raspberry workshop. Anybody else interested?

I'll be there and I'd love to learn a bit about hacking Arduinos with Perl.

++ for Arduino / Raspberry workshop.

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