Schedule for Swiss Perl Workshop 2015 ready

We are happy to announce the schedule for the Swiss Perl Workshop 2015.

We will have the Perl 6 Hackathon starting on Thursday August, 27th, Talks on Friday, August, 28th and Workshops and Talks on Saturday, 29th.

Since so many people are contributing to this years' program, it is difficult to highlight any events.

Feel free to listen to the talks you are interested in

  • War stories: programming in the field of medieval history‎‎
  • QA with Larry Wall‎
  • ‎Parallelism, Concurrency, and Asynchrony in Perl 6‎
  • ‎How to create CRUD database webapp in 40 minutes?‎
  • ‎Whatever, or How I Stopped Worrying and Fell in Love with Perl 6 Operators‎
  • ‎Normal Form Grapheme‎
  • ‎API Design‎
  • ‎Pearls from the contest‎
  • ‎OAuth2 and Mojolicious‎
  • ‎The Cool Subset of MAIN‎
  • Processing toki pona with Perl‎
  • ‎Introducing Replay
  • ‎Web::Machine - Simpl{e,y} HTTP‎
  • ‎Genetic Algorithms in Perl

or join the workshops

  • Kickstart your Perl 6 development
  • CallBackery Hands On‎
  • Perl 6 hands on
  • Hands-on code coverage tutorial

or come to meet us and do some socializing.

We have stil a place for you to join us, please register at

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