Benchmarking Rakudo releases. Is Raku Still slow?

Benchmarking Rakudo releases. Is Raku Still slow?


Around the first 'public' release of Perl 6 (The x-mas release) I wrote a module that uses the libgumbo from google to parse html5 webpages.

It was faster and more robust than the existing HTML::Parser module written in pure Perl 6. To be fair to the module, the full html5 norm is rather lenghtly to implement.

I was using this to parse my list of favorite fan fiction on and try to make some stats around them. It was still not super fast, like 0.5+ sec to parse one page (I have like 20+ pages of favorites). So each run of the script was rather slow.

At the time Perl 6 was still in stabilization phase and performance improvements were not really important. But after a while, it started to creep its ways out into Moar and Rakudo. So I wanted to see the improvement over the Rakudo release for my Gumbo module.

Building all Rakudo release

I already have done it, but I give another shot recently. I run a script that gets all rakudo releases listed in a text file, then compile it.

Unsurprisly it was not straightforward to build all releases from 2016.01

Perl change

Perl 5 chose to remove . in @INC by default since 2016 so the script that build Rakudo was not working properly. I had to fix the script that build all rakudo release to add the current directory in PERL5LIB.

Compile error

Release between 2018.05 and 2019 does not compile. Complaining about a symbol redefinition when linking Moar. I have really look at what is the cause so these releases get skipped.

Use the source, or not

Another small issue that prevented building release after 2018-2019 was I was downloading an archive of the source and not the release. Since some submodules get added to rakudo/rakudo some files were missing with just the source preventing from working.


Now that I have lots of rakudo releases it's time to start my benchmark script. It's a small script that starts 100 runs of another script that outputs the time it took to convert the C struct from gumbo to XML raku objects.

Here the raw result in seconds.

rakudo-2016.01.1, gumboxml.p6, 0.5593822334 rakudo-2016.02, gumboxml.p6, 0.51675639793 rakudo-2016.03, gumboxml.p6, 0.4856681754 rakudo-2016.04, gumboxml.p6, 0.46893925398 rakudo-2016.05, gumboxml.p6, 0.37183122053 rakudo-2016.06, gumboxml.p6, 0.29495558872 rakudo-2016.07.1, gumboxml.p6, 0.2703936729 rakudo-2016.08.1, gumboxml.p6, 0.2834315306 rakudo-2016.09, gumboxml.p6, 0.22285279441 rakudo-2016.10, gumboxml.p6, 0.2468772645 rakudo-2016.11, gumboxml.p6, 0.23989140535 rakudo-2016.12, gumboxml.p6, 0.23177488273 rakudo-2017.01, gumboxml.p6, 0.20607068872 rakudo-2017.02, gumboxml.p6, 0.22003044103 rakudo-2017.03, gumboxml.p6, 0.2253676812 rakudo-2017.04.3, gumboxml.p6, 0.21643373279 rakudo-2017.05, gumboxml.p6, 0.22202899438 rakudo-2017.06, gumboxml.p6, 0.22720643506 rakudo-2017.07, gumboxml.p6, 0.2313510098 rakudo-2017.08, gumboxml.p6, 0.18363233254 rakudo-2017.09, gumboxml.p6, 0.17739327075 rakudo-2017.10, gumboxml.p6, 0.16277988213 rakudo-2017.11, gumboxml.p6, 0.16266915587 rakudo-2017.12, gumboxml.p6, 0.1564215549 rakudo-2018.01, gumboxml.p6, 0.15112241018 rakudo-2018.02.1, gumboxml.p6, 0.15539236832 rakudo-2018.03, gumboxml.p6, 0.15672034753 rakudo-2018.04.1, gumboxml.p6, 0.1496397763 rakudo-2020.02.1, gumboxml.p6, 0.13660335827 rakudo-2020.05.1, gumboxml.p6, 0.13341074616 rakudo-2020.06, gumboxml.p6, 0.13528441194 rakudo-2020.07, gumboxml.p6, 0.13416307053 rakudo-2020.08.2, gumboxml.p6, 0.13747456749 rakudo-2020.09, gumboxml.p6, 0.13343004262 rakudo-2020.10, gumboxml.p6, 0.13358617365 rakudo-2020.11, gumboxml.p6, 0.15460961107 rakudo-2020.12, gumboxml.p6, 0.1448251052 rakudo-2021.02.1, gumboxml.p6, 0.14904339715 rakudo-2021.03, gumboxml.p6, 0.15159872921 rakudo-2021.04, gumboxml.p6, 0.1457165967 rakudo-2021.05, gumboxml.p6, 0.15416538145 rakudo-2021.06, gumboxml.p6, 0.15800617093 rakudo-2021.07, gumboxml.p6, 0.16087536077 rakudo-2021.08, gumboxml.p6, 0.16315127708 rakudo-2021.09, gumboxml.p6, 0.16488186848 rakudo-2021.10, gumboxml.p6, 0.27418679247 rakudo-2021.12, gumboxml.p6, 0.28623759495 rakudo-2022.02, gumboxml.p6, 0.24700117437 rakudo-2022.03, gumboxml.p6, 0.25029093914 rakudo-2022.06, gumboxml.p6, 0.23905013536 rakudo-2022.07, gumboxml.p6, 0.24230226215 rakudo-2022.12, gumboxml.p6, 0.23526197301


We can see that after 2016 performance improve up to 2020.10 then we lost performance, with a huge decrease in performance from 2021.09 et 2021.10.

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This is great, I would suggest reposting at every pre-release...because that is the time one can scrutinise the changes ad address them to prevent continuous degradation. Features get added that inevitably impacts the performance. identification of performance bottlenecks are better real-time rather than retrospective.

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