Tapper release 4.1 "Cagney & Lacey"

Lacey: Looks like a young Omar Sharif.
Cagney: He's got crooked teeth.
Lacey: You know, Christine, you're very critical. That's your trouble with men. You want them all to be perfect.
Cagney: No, I just have a thing about teeth.

-- Cagney & Lacey, "Let Them Eat Pretzels" (1983)

Tapper release 4.1 codename "Cagney & Lacey"

We just finished a new release of "Tapper", our all-embracing test infrastructure, used for Linux and virtualization testing in the OSRC and the infrastructure behind Perl::Formance.

Changelog for this release:


  • refactoring to also work with PostgreSQL


  • scheduler 10x speedup
  • host blacklisting per queue
  • beginning Cobbler support


  • CLI command harmonization


  • migrated to POD for maintainability
  • complex precondition and testplan examples


  • overall cleanup to sync with upstream technologies
    • autotest 0.14.x
    • Perl 5.16
    • Catalyst 5.9


Kudos as usual to the CPANTESTERS infrastructure which allows us to test over a wide variety of platforms.

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