Video Encoding Modules?

I'm putting the final touches on UAV::Pilot v0.3, which will have a better event-driven API and support control through Joysticks and (maybe) Wiimotes.

This brings me to the point on the ROADMAP I've been dreading: handling the video stream. The Parrot AR.Drone v2 sends an h.264 stream over the network. I can save this to a file easily enough, I suppose, but decoding and displaying the stream in real-time (probably to an SDL window) seems like an obvious thing to want to do.

However, the only CPAN module I've found for any kind of video encoding is FFmpeg, and it only supports reading from a file or URI, not an open network stream.

Does anybody know of another option out there? I can write the bindings to a C library myself, but I'd prefer to avoid it.

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GStreamer + OpenGL

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