The QA Hackers have left the building

Finally, the QA Hackathon 2015 in Berlin is over.

It was my first hackathon, and it was a pleasure to organize it. Just to mention a few, I want to thank Andreas for organizing at the venue and staying there as long as people wanted to stay and hack (like midnight), Wendy and Liz for serving all kinds of delicious food, Neil and Olaf for helping me contacting sponsors, Max from for doing the paperwork and letting us use their bank account, BooK and Barbie for giving lots of useful advices for organizing and all the hackers for attending.

The Betahaus is a great venue for this kind of workshop.

People were working on many things, and you can see the results in the Wiki. You will also find photos and links to blog posts there, please have a look.
It really is a good idea to get the people together once a year. The four days were not only used for hacking, but for discussions which are only possible when being together in one room.

Last but not least, I want to thank the generous corporate, community, in-kind and individual sponsors. Please have a look at the Sponsors list and the Budget (not finalized yet). Without them this event would not have been possible:

amazon Development Center
Travis CI
GFU Cyrus AG
infinity interactive
Frankfurt Perl Mongers
Perl 6 Community
Les Mongueurs de Perl
YAPC Europe Foundation
Perl Weekly
qp procura
Campus Explorer
Ron Savage
Christopher Tijerina
Andrew Solomon
Jens Gassmann
Marc Allen
Michael LaGrasta

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