Teach Makefile.PL to use cpanm

I like to keep my perl modules lean when it comes to dependencies. But then again, CPAN is just so wonderful with all the helpful packages available. So there are always dependencies.

When writing perl modules, more often than not a few dependencies creep in … which makes it a whee bit awkward when developing the module, because I then have to somehow install these dependencies, and I would rather not get them all over the place but neatly in the module directory so that I have at least a semblance of a stable development environment.

So here goes my solution: A little postamble method for my Makefile.PL.

Details on Medium

Second Swiss Perl Workshop - Perfect Location

This year, the Swiss Perl Workshop was held at the Flörli Olten, an old Town Villa turned into a meeting house. The atmosphere at this place was just incredible. The beautifully renovated rooms and an on site catering team gave the whole event the feel of a big happy family gathering. A big thank you to Matthias and Roman and Daniela and her kitchen team. I am already looking forward to next years edition.


Perl Courses with Damian Conway in Switzerland

In August 2011 Damian Conway will spend a few days in Zurich teaching Perl courses.

Oetiker+Partner is organizing the courses together with the IT services of ETH Zurich. Courses are held in the area of the ETH main building (ETH Zentrum), the exact locations will be announced later. The courses will be taught in English.

We have setup a webpage giving all the details on the courses.

Damian Conway Trainings in Switzerland

I am helping to organize a series of Courses with Damian Conway in late August. The Courses will be held at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich Switzerland. As we are choosing the topics we are looking for input as to what people are interested in. If you are in the region and are thinking about participating, have a look at our toppics selection page.

If many people attend from abroad, we may be able to strike a bulk deal with some local hotel. I will post again as soon the program is finalized. Then I will also have information about the prices. The more people attend, the lower …

Update: The dates are 2011-08-22 to 2011-08-30.