Meta-Meta-Meta Problem Solving

OK, so I'm working on a project and some unexpected bug crops up. It turns out to be a bug in a dependency. I could work around it, but...

I happen to maintain the dependency, so better to fix it at source. Done. Let's set up Travis testing for this dependency too...

Oh no, build fails. Test::Modern won't install on all the versions of Perl I'd hoped it would. (In particular, Perl 5.6.) Why? Turns out some of Test::Modern's dependencies use Module::Build and Module::Build::Tiny, and they require Perl 5.8.

So let's try out Ingy's Alt concept and release alternative distributions of these dependencies which will install cleanly on Perl 5.6. Hence Alt::Test::Warnings::ButEUMM (which led to this) and Alt::Module::Runtime::ButEUMM.

But it doesn't stop there because of course I want to automate the process of producing these alternative distributions.

And that needs improvements to my packaging tool.

So anyway, it's funny how fixing a small bug can lead you to making improvements to all kinds of unrelated things.

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The other day I saw t0m wearing this shirt. Sounds like you deserve one too.

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