Planet Moose - July 2014

Welcome to Planet Moose, a brief write up on what's been happening in the world of Moose in the past month, for the benefit of those of you who don't have their eyes permanently glued to the #moose IRC channel, or the MetaCPAN recent uploads page.

If you'd like to contribute some news for next month's issue, you can do so on the wiki.


Moose 2.1210 has been released containing some updates to the test suite, and documentation improvements.


Mite v0.0.1 has been released by Michael Schwern. This is a preview of a Moose-like OO framework that compiles to a string of Perl code so that your modules don't have any dependencies on it. It's early days, but this mite (sorry!) turn out to be an interesting project.

In other news...


Kind of odd that the mite don't mention Moo.

s/mite/mite docs/

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