So I Guess I'm Back

Hi… remember me?

Been away a while, and now I have a whole heap of bug reports to get through. But you, dear reader, I'm giving the inside track. If there's a bug in one of my modules and you want me to prioritize it, comment below.

Also, how are you doing?

I'm good.



Thanks for shipping fixes to your modules, especially Type::Tiny.

I hope you've been doing well while you were away.

Welcome back :) It seems you have issues on both RT and github. Might be worth using one of the RT to github issue scripts if you want to get them all in one place. No assumptions about which one you prefer BTW, only an assumption that you'd prefer to have one bug list not two.

Welcome back :D!

I evangelize Moops wherever I'm employed, so I am giddy to see you active again!

We were periodically checking your CPAN and GitHub accounts for signs of activity. Welcome back!

Your not forgotten that easy!

Welcome back, Toby. Thank you for the recent releases.

While you are already searching for additional fixes: Type::Tiny::XS does not work on Windows with 5.22.0+:

Good to have you back! :)

Welcome back!

Oh I missed this post, glad to have you back!

Yay! Glad to see you around again!

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