Because CPAN Needs More Templating Modules

Why learn a whole new language for templating when you already know a perfectly good one? This isn't the first module that allows you to embed Perl in your templates, but it's yet another one.

Template::Compiled on MetaCPAN.


I like it since I'm a fan of strongly typed interfaces for the template. I'd love to take it even further, like the template is a subclass of Template::Compiled::Class and the class attributes and methods are exposed to the template like

package MyApp::Template::User;

use Moo;
use Types::Standard -types;
extends 'Template::Compiled::Class';

has [qw/name age/] => (is=>'ro', required=>1, isa=>Str);

sub days_since_birth { DateTime->now - $self->age }

sub template {
"Hi its been days
since you were born!";


Sadly I think BPO ate some significant parts of your template in the comment.

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