Type::Tiny 1.8.0 released

Type::Tiny 1.8.0 (1.008000) was released today.

The new features are pretty minor. Most of the improvements are in documentation and testing.

  • Totally rewritten manual/tutorial.

  • Every issue on RT has been handled.

  • Bigger test suite. The exact number of tests run varies based on the availability of optional dependencies, but I just ran the test suite with EXTENDED_TESTING set to false and most of the optional dependencies installed, and it was nearly 7500 tests, compared to just over 2700 for Type::Tiny 1.6.0. With EXTENDED_TESTING true, there are nearly 13900 tests.

    This includes a set of tests for each built-in type which are intended to function both as test cases and advanced documentation.


Thanks! Keep up the good work! Type::Tiny is literally one of my favorite parts of Perl.

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