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Perl has some really great community websites. But a drawback to this is that the Perl community is centred around a few domain names, which means that it isn't as visible as some other languages. Most projects use github for development and CPAN for distribution, and outside those sites, they don't have much online presence.

One thing I think might help spread Perl around the web would be if different Perl projects had their own websites.

I've started one for Type::Tiny. It's here:

It's basically just the Type::Tiny documentation, presented nicely, and in a better reading order than MetaCPAN presents. Wasn't a whole lot of work to put together.

Now, this is hardly the first Perl project to have its own website. Mojolicious has one. (A really good one!) So does Plack, Dancer, DBI, and Dist::Zilla. Catalyst has one, though the "copyright 2012" at the bottom probably doesn't inspire confidence in people looking for a modern web framework. Moose used to have a website but it currently redirects to MetaCPAN.

But it would be nice if some more of the popular Perl projects got their own websites. Smaller projects too!

If you like the idea but you're feeling lazy, feel free to use the Type::Tiny website's repo as a starting off point. But, you know...

change it up a bit so it doesn't look too obvious


Sadly, both my CPAN modules need to be deprecated. One upgraded their API, the other made it usuriously commercial and there are better sites :(

You have a good initiative. Thank you!

What we need is a simple and integrated way of doing this. In that regard, having CPAN and later MetaCPAN have actually diminished the need for such a tool: CPAN has provided a "website" for each package, even the smallest ones. This is good but at the same time it has killed the need for more sophisticated tools to create dedicated websites for bigger projects.

One of the reasons I like Maven in the Java world is the integrated site generator. In several commercial (company internal) projects I have advocated a Maven site as a place for storing the documentation and project state because it is always up to date if generated directly from the repository.

If we would have something similar integrated into Dist::Zilla, it could be a real boon! CI/CD chain could feed the site directly into GitHub Pages and wham!

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