Retraction of Geo::Coder::Geocoder::US

Geo::Coder::Geocoder::US is a Perl module that interfaces to the Geocoding API of Unfortunately that disappeared late 2015. Since this module is therefore useless, I am deleting it from CPAN.


Please don't delete it, but have the last release of it be a "tombstone release", like this one, which explains why the code is gone:

I think if I had old code that depending on this I'd like a release that explained why everything is breaking, I think that would help. Plus the old code might serve as an example to someone that needed to mock the interface as part of some long term support situation

I have a similar one, Mojo::FriendFeed is dead because friendfeed is dead. That said, I love the code so I let it sit there, a testament to beautiful code that will no longer be burdened by "users" and "services".

Given the service only recently disappeared, I'd suggest the following:

  • Do a release which is marked as deprecated, both in the doc, the code, and the metadata.
  • Have the code croak with an explanatory error message.
  • In the doc say something like "this will be removed from CPAN in 2018". It will always be available from your BackPAN directory, and github.
  • Put something in your calendar / todo list for January 2018 :-)

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