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Eugene van der Pijll is the author of DateTime::Calendar::Christian, which manipulates dates in either Julian or Gregorian calendars, depending on what the date actually is. This module has not been updated since 2003, and uses the DateTime language interface, that has since been deprecated in favor of locale and retracted..

I am trying to get it fixed, and am willing to adopt the module myself if that is what is necessary. I am working my way through Neil Bowers' Adopt a CPAN module. The forked and patched module can be found at GitHub. My desire is at least to get the stuff currently in GitHub into the module; that is, use the locale interface, add method today(), and document the valid values for reform_date. If I actually end up co-maintainer, I plan to fix what I see as a bug in DefaultReformDate() when the reform date is invalid, and try to flesh out missing methods in the DateTime interface.

In addition to the author's CPAN account, I have Googled him, and found someone with the same name and interests on Facebook, Twitter, and BoardGameGeek.. His Facebook page does not appear to allow messages, and the Twitter account is unused. I did try to contact him via BoardGameGeek, but so far have no reply. Before requesting co-maintainership from the PAUSE admins, I wanted to make one more effort to contact the author and find out his wishes for this module. If anyone knows how to contact Mr. van der Pijll, could you let me know how, or let him know that I am looking for him, or both? Thank you very much.


Eugene gave me co-maint of DateTime-Calendar-Pataphysical back in April 2014, so he was active somewhat recently. I contacted him via email at the address pijll at cpan dot org and he replied with pijll at gmx dot net.

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