CPAN Testers RULE!

Late last evening I sent a development version of a Perl module to PAUSE. This module had had a bunch of work on it since the last release, including a change in the way timegm() and timelocal() were called.

The CPAN testers worked on it overnight, and this morning I had a brand-new shiny RT ticket in my inbox. Slaven Rezic (to give credit where it is due) had noticed and correctly diagnosed the problem. I fixed it, and tonight the CPAN testers are chewing on a new and hopefully better test release.

I credit Slaven, but credit is due to everyone in the testing infrastructure, because this is far from the first time they have pulled my fat out of the fire. Where else but Perl could this have happened?

Thanks, and kudos!


Same happened to me recently. Thanks Slaven (for the report AND for looking for a probable cause) and CPAN Testers!

I've come to rely * a lot* on the CPAN testers for picking up obscure issues in my code. This is an invaluable service. Many many thanks to everyone involved.

+100. I completely concur. Even though I do CI on all of my modules, it can't compare to the CPAN Testers, especially those like Slaven who go out of their way to investigate the problem and send personal emails regarding them.

Thanks to all involved!

Slaven's the real MVP here: Sending in reports is great, and thanks to everyone who does that (see the leaderboard here:, but taking the time to follow up on reports, track down root causes, and submit issue reports to the appropriate issue tracker is nothing short of heroic.

A lot goes in to running a tester, and CPAN would not be the amazing and stable library of Perl code without them.

I bet a pretty significant percentage of CPAN authors have reason to thank Slaven. The White Camel awards should be coming up soon, and hopefully Slaven will get one this year!

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