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My Favorite Modules: Devel::NYTProf

'It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.' -- Sherlock Holmes, "A Scandal in Bohemia"

The mental excursion that led to this blog post started with a report from Olaf Alders that my Perl::Critic::Policy::Variables::ProhibitUnusedVarsStricter was generating a false positive on variables used only as defaults in subroutine signatures. After the first cut at fixing this I thought a regression test was in order. I did this by running both unpatched and patched ver…

My Favorite Warnings: regexp

'A fair jaw-cracker dwarf-language must be.' -- Samwise Gamgee, The Lord of the Rings, II/iii: "The Ring Goes South", as quoted in regcomp.c, the Perl regular expression compiler.

As you would expect, this category gets you warnings about possibly-problematic regular expression constructions. A couple specific examples are:

Assuming NOT a POSIX class ...

This warning is about things that look kind of like POSIX character classes, but do not parse that way. The ful…

My Favorite Modules: re

The re module provides functionality relating to Perl's regular expressions. It is either a module in the sense of potentially exporting stuff into your name space or a pragma in the sense of modifying the behavior of Perl within a lexical scope, or both, depending on how you use it.

The pragmatic functionality tweaks the regular expressions themselves in various ways:

use re 'taint';

Within the scope of this pragma, capture buffers…

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