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Installing Perl: A Chicken-and-Egg Problem

A couple days ago the SD card on a Raspberry Pi lost its beady little mind, and I ended up rebuilding the system from scratch. I generally build my own Perl (also from scratch) and then install the modules I need. So that I can have a log file to rummage through in the event of a problem, I start by configuring the CPAN client interactively, and then doing

$ cpan YAML 2>&1 | tee YAML.log
$ cpan Bundle::CPAN 2>&1 | tee YAML.log

Normally I would now install the modules specific to my use. But when I tried this time I got

HTTP::Tiny failed with an i…

XS versus clang: Infinite warnings

Around the beginning of 2022 I started noticing a large number of warnings when compiling XS modules under macOS 12 Monterey. These looked like warning: '(' and '{' tokens introducing statement expression appear in different macro expansion contexts [-Wcompound-token-split-by-macro], and appeared to originate fairly deeply in Perl's macro stack.

This week I was moved to address them for my one lone XS distribution, Mac-Pasteboard. Not only are they really annoying, …

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