Installing Perl: A Chicken-and-Egg Problem

A couple days ago the SD card on a Raspberry Pi lost its beady little mind, and I ended up rebuilding the system from scratch. I generally build my own Perl (also from scratch) and then install the modules I need. So that I can have a log file to rummage through in the event of a problem, I start by configuring the CPAN client interactively, and then doing

$ cpan YAML 2>&1 | tee YAML.log
$ cpan Bundle::CPAN 2>&1 | tee YAML.log

Normally I would now install the modules specific to my use. But when I tried this time I got

HTTP::Tiny failed with an internal error: IO::Socket::SSL 1.42 must be installed for https support
Net::SSLeay 1.49 must be installed for https support

What happened here is that last fall the CPAN client was updated in response to a spoofing threat. The change consisted of adding a Boolean configuration item, pushy_https, which causes the client to ignore its urllist configuration and retrieve modules from Now, core Perl does not support https:, I have to get it by installing (among other things) Net::SSLeay. But Perl 5.34.1, being a maintenance release, comes with the same CPAN client as 5.34.0 -- that is, it does not have pushy_https setting and associated machinery. But when I installed Bundle::CPAN, I got the latest CPAN client, but not the https: support it wants by default.

Fortunately, all was not lost. The default value of urllist is, and http: is in fact supported. So I could simply set pushy_https to 0, install what I needed, and then set pushy_https to 1 and continue my merry way.

But I wondered what someone unfamiliar with recent Perl history would make of this. Would this person fight through to the solution, or simply give up on Perl in disgust?

Obviously if core Perl supported https: this would not be an issue. But much as I would like to see that, I understand (or at least sympathize) with why it is not happening any time soon. And I can not advocate defaulting the CPAN client to unsafe behavior.

But is there no way to give the poor user any help? The unconfigured value of pushy_https is undef, which the CPAN client interprets as true. Could that value at least cause a more helpful error message?

Truth in advertising: normally I install from a Mini-CPAN mirror, so in my case I just pointed the CPAN client to that mirror. But I thought the more typical case was to install from, so after I got my Raspberry Pi going I did that with another Perl install, just to be sure I was reporting a general problem and not one I had completely caused myself.


Thanks for your posting, Tom. You're hitting the nail on the head.

I think you saw a problem that was in 2.29, but has been fixed in 2.33. I also think, meanwhile 2.33 has had enough exposure, so that I can release it as stable.

Will do so later today. It can be tried as ANDK/CPAN-2.33-TRIAL.tar.gz.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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