Annotated Perl::Critic Policy Index

In the wake of my postings on the file access tests (-r and friends) I wondered if there was a Perl::Critic policy to find them. So I constructed an annotated index of Perl Critic policies. Because of its size I stuck it on GitHub rather than in-line to this blog post.

This index assumes that any CPAN module whose name begins with Perl::Critic::Policy:: is a Perl Critic Policy. The index entry for each module contains the name of the module itself (linked to Meta::CPAN), the name of the distribution which contains it, and the abstract for the module if it contains anything other than a repeat of the module name. I suppose the module description could have been added, but I hoped the abstract would be sufficient.

This operation gave me 341 policies. I did not find the policy I wanted among them. In fact, only Kevin Ryde's Perl::Critic::Policy::ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitFiletest_f came close.

For those who want context, the relevant blog posts are:

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