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Ordering Your Tests

By default, the test actions of both ExtUtils::MakeMaker and Module::Build test t/*.t in lexicographic order (a.k.a. ASCIIbetical order). Under this default, some Perl module authors who want tests performed in a given order have resorted to numbering tests: t/01_basic.t, /users/tom_wyant/2023/02/index.html

Outstanding GitHub Items

Recently I received a bump on a GitHub pull request. This surprised me, because I was unaware of anything outstanding. I was even more surprised when I discovered that the distribution in question also had two open issues, one dating back about three months.

I have no idea why I was oblivious to these, but it made me want to audit myself to see if any other distributions had the same problem. GitHub has these nice links at the top of the page, Pull requests and Issues, but these show pull requests and issues that I initiated. I found no obvious way to display…

Annotated Test2::Tools Index

I have very gradually been adopting Test2::V0 as a testing tool. I had a test file that performed a group of tests inside a for loop, and discovered there were circumstances where I wanted to skip an iteration. Well, the skip() provided by Test2::Tools::Basic operates by executing last SKIP;. In the case of a labeled for this skips not only the current…

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