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I have very gradually been adopting Test2::V0 as a testing tool. I had a test file that performed a group of tests inside a for loop, and discovered there were circumstances where I wanted to skip an iteration. Well, the skip() provided by Test2::Tools::Basic operates by executing last SKIP;. In the case of a labeled for this skips not only the current iteration but all subsequent iterations.

I wondered if there was a Test2::Tools plugin that did a next SKIP;, so I generated an annotated index of Test2 tools. This index reports all of them in ASCIIbetical order, with the distribution they are found in and the abstract from the =head1 NAME section of the POD.

I found 44 tools after eliminating a few helper classes that lived in the same name space. None of the 44 appears to do what I want. It would be easy enough to create such a tool, but I doubted that anyone would use it but me. So I indented another level and stuck a SKIP: block inside the for loop.

Like the previous Annotated Perl::Critic Policy Index this will be updated approximately weekly. That is, a cron job runs Friday morning, and I push the repository when I get around to it, after reviewing the change and coming up with (I hope) a descriptive commit message.

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