DBIx::Class::FilterColumn: making transformation easier

Over a year ago I was tasked with creating a data warehouse for sports data. Having known absolutely nothing about data warehousing/ETL, my first sport ended up quite the mess; scrapers would extract and transform at the same time then stuff it into a database where it most likely needed additional transformations. At the time, additional transformations meant writing a script to iterate over every row and change whatever column to whatever regex I had constructed. Sometime later after i'd have generated a report i'd find something wrong, often missing data due to a bad transform regex, which meant re-scraping websites (and often times purchasing another membership).

Assigning a user defined function at runtime

I recently wrote my first XS module, and found myself wanting to dynamically load it in the parent module if possible. The next problem was what if the user wants to change back to the pure Perl version? And then, what if the user wants to use Other::Module's similar_function?

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