Lock::File - yet another file locking module

I just uploaded a new module: Lock::File.

I guess the main reason I'm writing this blog post is because I feel guilty about it. There are SO MANY other similar modules.
I wanted to review them all, neilb style. I never found time to do it. Damn you, perfectionism.

I don't want to explain my issues with other modules here. I'm not sure if Lock::File is really much better than others, or if I'm just biased because I used it for years. You can look at Lock::File POD and decide for yourself.
But I finally realised that I have too much unreleased code and I've postponed its uploading to CPAN just because I didn't want to duplicate some existing code. Damn you, perfectionism.

In addition to that, the copy of Lock::File, named Ubic::Lockf, was bundled with Ubic for years.

And yet, I feel guilty. Sorry, guys.


I'm the author of one of these modules -- File::Flock::Tiny ;). The reason I created my own module is that locking is a bit tricky thing and if I use such a module I want to know exactly what happens inside. So I tried to write something as clear as possible, so it would be easier to see how it works.

I see that you've implemented remove option, perhaps you will be interested to read my recent discussion on GitHub with Steven Haryanto about why I'm not going to implement it. On a first glance it looks like situation I described in this comment is applicable to your module.

I'm the author of yet another locking module: Feel free to have a look at IPC::ConcurrencyLimit and specifically IPC::ConcurrencyLimit::Lock::Flock and/or list them as related modules.

Ah, I see. Yes, that should solve the problem.

I think it's fairly confusing if not outright wrong that you use the names flock and lockf as if they are synonymous. They have fairly different semantics in POSIX.

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