Play Perl is more popular than!

Sorry for the eye-catchy title, but seriously, number of Play Perl quests created in 1 week since its launch:

$ curl -s '' | jq length
197 tickets created after 2013-02-07: 128 (no idea how to add a permanent link to its search results).

Some other stats:

  • 282 players
  • 1,349 unique visitors
  • 28,222 page views (half of them are probably mine)

New features since my last post:

  • Email notifications (if you have registered in the first few days, go to your settings and set your email!)
  • New Explore tab
  • Players list is now the leaderboard
  • Comments preview with client-side markdown engine
  • Comments and quests editing
  • Auto-highlighting CPAN module names in comments
  • "Like" button in quest lists
Also, tons of JS refactorings and bugfixes, backbone and bootstrap upgrades, etc.

Several people wrote some really nice posts about Play Perl. Go read them if you haven't already, they explain better why Play Perl is important than I do, with my non-native crude English writing skills :)

So, what's next?
I think most important features to add next are:

  • the ability to add a quest directly to some kind of a quest pool (without taking on them personally and immediately);
  • the ability to join someone on a quest;
  • the ability to abandon a quest, to pick up an abandoned quest, and generally move them between different states.
Here's a relevant discussion on Play Perl about how I see it working and why.

After all that, I'd love to finally get to the fun part: pre-scripted quests, especially for newbies (Example: "Pass a tutorial at"; another example: "Solve 10 new Project Euler problems in Perl and publish them online"). I want to get at least one example of such pre-scripted quest implemented and see how it will work out in practice.
And then after that, achievements.

Summing up: you guys are awesome, I didn't expect it to be so popular.
Now go and play some more :)
And don't forget that the final objective is to complete your quests and not just add them!

PS: I need help with desigining a small Perl Raptor icon. Anyone?


Congratulations on an amazing first splash! The live preview? Is that PageDown?

Is there a way to get in without having a Twitter account yet? If not, I'd rate that as a pretty important feature ...

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