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Starting from today, you can sign in to Play Perl using email, even if you don't have a twitter account. (It won't ask you for password; it uses Mozilla Persona.)

Quick recap: Play Perl is a new social and gamified website for Perl developers, where people can declare their open source plans and get points for completing them. I launched it 2 weeks ago.

This week was much slower than the last, due to me being back to my daily job from vacation. Still, I managed to get more than a 100 commits in, including:

  • the ability to unclaim quests, moving them into a global "up-for-grabs" pool
  • the ability to abandon quests without removing them
  • RSS for the global news feed
  • 4 separate explore sub-tabs
  • performance optimizations
  • many refactorings, html improvements, bugfixes and new bugs, as usual

Also, thanks to the awesome creaktive@, Play Perl got a favicon. And then, thanks to the awesome neilb@, it got another one :)

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Thank God for Mailinator....

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