Contribute to Perl by completing quests on Questhub

Initially launched as Play Perl, Questhub is now a general place where groups of people can share their tasks as quests, and vote on quests to encourage each other. Play Perl is now the Perl realm on Questhub.

Contributing to Perl and the Perl community was never so easy. Last week Questhub gained support for stencils: pre-scripted quests with clear instructions, and bonus points. The perl realm now has an initial set of stencils, each of which defines a specific way you can contribute to Perl, CPAN or the Perl Foundation. Some of these only require a few minutes, some require a larger commitment of your time.

If you've only got a few minutes, you could subscribe to Perl Weekly or ++ some of your regularly-used modules on MetaCPAN.

Do you like to clean things up? Update 5 CPAN distributions to have licence and repository link. Here's how Neil Bowers is doing exactly that.

Do you have extra money? Donate to the Perl Foundation. Or maybe you need extra money, in which case, Submit a grant request to TPF.

Completing these quests will bring you game points. It probably won't bring you fame and glory, but you'll hopefully get a feeling of satisfaction, and you may get on top of the Leaderboard.

So here's how you can do any of these:

  1. Sign in to Questhub.
  2. Go to Stencils page.
  3. Click "take this quest" for any quests you like.
  4. Start work on your quest(s), and post comments as you go. When you're finished, mark a quest as complete to claim the points.

Let us know if you've got ideas for additional Perl stencils, large or small. Add a comment to this meta-quest, or send your ideas to

What if you haven't got the time or inclination to take on a quest? You can still sign up and encourage others by voting on their quests! :-)

PS: I haven't been posting updates on Questhub for some time, because it's not just about Perl now, it's just a startup I'm doing, which happens to be written in Perl and originates in Perl community. But if you want to know what else is happening, follow its development on Meta realm, Twitter or Facebook.

PPS: Half of this post was written / heavily edited by the awesome neilb. Thanks!


You're a Perl startup, I think you're on-topic here!

So happy to be reading about a Perl startup. Keep it coming.

Great idea! The voting part seems to work quite well over at StackOverflow. I, for one, welcome a centralised place for worthy Perl quests.

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