Perl 5 Optimizing Compiler, Part 10: Kickstarter & Performance Benchmarks

Howdy Perl Community,

We've released initial RPerl performance benchmarks, which are very promising indeed!

Also, our Kickstarter campaign is now live, please consider backing the RPerl v1.0 project, our pledge drive ends on Wednesday 12/4 so don't delay!

Thank you all so much for your support to make Perl better and faster for everyone!

~ Will the Chill


Still reading, but i've already one request: Please don't use american date format, your audience is international and to most of them it's terribly confusing.

I meant the entirety of the Kickstarter page. ;)

An old chart of mine. Sorry I no longer have the original data...

Much better, thanks for the fast reply. :)

Having read more, i backed it, because it looks reasonable and is relevant to my interests. I would however strongly recommend linking to prominently, as it answers the first and most important question i had: Where's the catch? ;)

One more thing: The benchmark page needs a link to the source code of the benchmarked programs.

You can report BPO bugs at the feedback link at the bottom. ;)

Source code links are good, but fairly confusing. It's hard to tell which of the idiosyncrasies in .pm are just weird style, and which are required for this whole thing to actually work. Where would you prefer comments and requests for clarification? In the github commits themselves?

As for the .cpp file, i guess that's generated automatically? (I haven't actually looked deeper into how rperl functions yet.)

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