Perl 5 Optimizing Compiler, Part 13: Happy July 4th! RPerl v1.0 Full Release

Howdy Perlites,

After over 2.5 years of work, I'm very proud to (finally) announce the full release of RPerl v1.0 on CPAN!

Installation should now be as simple as:

$ cpan RPerl
$ cpanm RPerl

For more information about install options, please see:

As outlined in step 3 of the install notes file, we can now automatically compile our test program and see speed improvements of approximately 170x to 350x, depending on your system.

As usual, the RPerl technical team is in #perl11 on so don't hesitate to reach out if you need help or have any questions. Let the bug reports begin! :-)

We've come a long way, and we've got a long way to go yet, this is just barely the beginning!


~ Will the Chill, &

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Congrats! Glad to see you made it to 1.0. Very glad I was able to help you out via Kickstarter.

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