What's the perl5's future?

Actually I'm shocked when I've read this blog written in 4 months ago.

I'm shocked not only because many codes I've written is used with AnyEvent but also because I'm afraid it's a sign which perl5 world is beginning mess.

We love perl because it's expressive, because it's cpan and more importantly, because it's consistent. you can install a same perl in many OS and retrieve the same. But let's think, because perl5 has not a offical spec, what if there are many incompatible perl in the world like cperl stableperl and Rperl? Do you really want to stick with perl?

I'm not a member of p5, maybe this question need that guy to answer: does the present policy on perl5 development make perl5 good or bad?

Or maybe it's time to emigrate to perl6? Any ideas?

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Quite frankly, both cperl and stableperl are more about their authors and p5p not being compatible with each other than anything else. The difference between stableperl and p5pperl is so small that the former is a bit silly (the latter did backport at least one patch from the former). cperl is one-sided language development that I consider ill-conceived (if only because it seems to be breaking significant portions of CPAN).

RPerl is an entirely different matter. I'm rather sceptical about it, but it's in no way a movement that goes against p5p, it's really more of an extension. I personally think it's overrated, but it's not an argument against p5p itself in any way.

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