The YAPC Europe Organizers Mailing List

The YAPC Europe Foundation (YEF) has created a dedicated Organizers Mailing List. The purpose is to share relevant information between organizers of Perl workshops, conferences and hackathons, in Europe, such that we can all benefit from each others rapidly accumulating knowledge. Here's the link:

By letting everyone else know where, what and when, an event is going to take place, and sharing our intentions, this might help to avoid the unfortunate case where two events happen at the same time, as well as helping to spread Perl events sensibly over the year. The list is intended as a one-stop shop for anyone interested to participate in helping to propose, ask for help, and to organize, all Perl-related events in the European sphere. Discussions have already started. Please join and help us to promote local, as well as nation-wide, events for the benefit of the larger Perl community in Europe.

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