The way to write Ruby + Middleman application with Perl.

Middleman is ruby web framework to makes developing stand-alone websites simple.



If you want middleman in Perl, you try the following way.

Mojolicious + Mojolicious::Plugin::AutoRoute

use Mojolicious::Lite;

plugin 'AutoRoute';

You can place template file into auto directory.

  TEMPLATES                           ROUTES
  templates/auto/index.html.ep        # /
                /foo.html.ep          # /foo
                /foo/bar.html.ep      # /foo/bar
                /foo/bar/baz.html.ep  # /foo/bar/baz

You can develop web application with PHP style and can also use Mojolicious all features. You don't need to write routing and controller.


Dancer has a similar option which generates the routes for you. It's called auto_page (

This is a bit like how Poet works for Mason 2

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