Perl don't work well in "bash on ubuntu on windows"

I tried bash on ubuntu on windows in windows 10.

Perl have problems.

File::Find dosen't work

File::Find dosen't work. In bash on windows, hard link in directory count is "2" .

In this case File::Find assume the directory don't have sub directories.

        # File::Find::_find_dir
	if ($nlink == 2 && !$no_nlink) {
	    # This dir has no subdirectories.
	    for my $FN (@filenames) {
		if ($Is_VMS) {
		# Big hammer here - Compensate for VMS trailing . and .dir
		# No win situation until this is changed, but this
		# will handle the majority of the cases with breaking the fewest

$FN =~ s/\.dir\z//i;
$FN =~ s#\.$## if ($FN ne '.');
next if $FN =~ $File::Find::skip_pattern;

$name = $dir_pref . $FN; # $File::Find::name
$_ = ($no_chdir ? $name : $FN); # $_
{ $wanted_callback->() }; # protect against wild "next"


cpan, make don't work

File::Find not working means cpan and make don't work because ExtUtils::MakeMaker depend on File::Find.

This is very bad status for Per user on bash on windows.

I hope Perl porters communicate with Windows team and have efforts to fix Perl problem on bash on windows early.

Please discuss and report this problems.


Nothing can be installed until you patch File::Find, as you found.

Issue #186 has the work-around at the end. I hope that helps you.

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