Simplest class builder "Object::Simple" 3.17 released!

Simplest class builder "Object::Simple" 3.17 released! I rewrite document in this release. I describe the benefits at first.

Simplest class builder, Mojo::Base porting, fast and less memory

  • Simplest class builder. All you learn is only has function!
  • Mojo::Base porting. Do you like Mojolicious? If so, this is good choices!
  • Fast and less memory. Fast new and accessor method. Memory saving implementation.

Check latest Object::Simple document!


If you improve Mojo::Base is it better to make merge request into Mojolicious and do not spoil namespaces by creating same module with different name? Yes, with Mojolicious we get extra modules, but they are not so big to worry about them.

So, why porting, what is the benefit?
Thank you.

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