Portable GitHub system "GitPrep 2.6" is released - "Wiki system" is added. You can write documentation.

Portable GitHub system "GitPrep 2.6" is released at 2017-06-10.

Finally, "wiki" system is added. You can write documentation on GitPrep.

At first, Let's try
GitPrep example. You will find GitPrep is real portable GitHub system.

The features of GitPrep

I introduce the featrues of GitPrep for people who see GitPrep for the first time.

  • Github clone: GitPrep has the same interface as GitHub. All of repository, pull request, issue, and wiki is used.
  • Support issue system
  • Portable: You can install GitPrep on your own Unix/Linux server.
  • Only needs Perl 5.10.1+.
  • Smart HTTP support: you can pull and push repository via HTTP.
  • Built-in web server, and reverse proxy support.
  • CGI support.
  • SSL support.
  • Public key authentication support

Installation is very easy. You run only two commands. Difficult settings is unnecessary.

Even if you have troubles by your mistake, for example "git push -f origin master", you can access all of your git repositories directory and fix them.

All reporitories are yours. All repositories exists on your own server.

Open source. All free.

Let's try GitPrep. If you like GitPrep, please share and talk about GitPrep in your community or your company.

Incompatible changes

Sorry, I found critical database specification mistake. I must fix pull_request and pull_request_message table.

All your pull requests is removed. Please create Pull request again by the following command.

      old/fix_v2_pull_request data/gitprep.db

Please talk about GitPrep

GitPrep is open source project. If you use GitPrep, please inform your friends, community, team of company about GitPrep. If the people who want to use GitHub feature on own server and install it easily, inform the people about GitPrep.

I'm Japanese. I'm personal. I don't have patrons. I don't have the big company support. I don't have the power of advertisement. But I believe good Perl project contributes to Perl itself.

For open source author, it is pleasure that created project is used by many people. I am planning to add issue and wiki system to GitPrep. Please add start GitHub if you like GitPrep.

Give star if you like GitPrep

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