Perl Newbies weekly update 2019/8/31 - uc, lc, ucfirst, lcfirst functions

Hear Good News!

I report Perl Newbies weekly update.

I add uc, lc, ucfirst, lcfirst functions.

Perl Newbies

I start to work writing perl document for Perl 5 Newbies.

I think Perl Community(Mainly USA and more Mainly Silicon Valley) isn't intereted in Yung Perl People who want to know Perl programing language.

There are no easy, understandable, modern entries and perl programing examples in

I try to continue to write entries for Perl 5 Newbies.


Is the source for the site on github or gitlab? If so, people interested in helping could send merge requests.

I wouldn't mind helping out with the english.

add oil!

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