Data Marketing Plan by Perl modules

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Data Science and Perl

Our company goes into many other companies and helps them build new Perl systems or fix old ones. Needless to say, we see how many companies work and a typical example is one of our clients I'll call "AlphaCorp." They use lots and lots of Perl. Their primary web site is almost entirely Perl. So when I went in to help them with their A/B testing (amongst other things), I was surprised that they also used a lot of Python. It turns out they had a specific need that Python fills and Perl does not: data science.

After thinking a few weeks, I create the plan to do Data Marketing.

Data Marketing Plan by Perl modules

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I agree data science and analytics is a critical deficiency in Perl...although DS modules exist, very few people exploit these modules as even more exist in Python. Now I am not an expert in this field, and we do need accessible AI engines and more importantly a user base for these modules and applications.

I don't know that is "Data Marketing" is the term you are looking for though. Modules I would examine would be PDL, and Chart. If I were to use SPVM to enhance performance...which is clearly your area of expertise, I would make extensions to these and other similar modules to take advantage of your skills.

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