I Write comment to Perl7 is a fork of values

I Write comment to Perl7 is a fork of values

I think the current Perl 7 plan is very heavy for the resources available to the Perl community.

Perl 7 will succeed if many people welcome it and everyone supports it.

However, I think the remaining users of Perl will remain because of the stability of that Perl.

If, in reality, the move to Perl 7 doesn't work, I think it's an opportunity to reconsider adopting "use v7".

I have a very similar thinking of Leon.

By the way.

Why doesn't my question get a reply when I post it to Per 5 Porters mailing list?


Yuki, the way you phrased it here, there is not a question to answer. You expressed an opinion that invites a response, but does not actually request one.

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