I founded a company called Perl Research Institute, Ltd.

I founded a company called Perl Research Institute, Ltd in Japan.

The main purpose of the Perl Research Institute is to restore Perl's honor.

Its reputation was miserable compared to the excellence of Perl's features.

Perl and its users have suffered in many negative campaigns.

Perl was seen by the people who say We are loved in the whole world as an abandoned stone.

I'm not afraid to talk about Perl Even if I'm surrounded by mighty powers who Do a lot of cheating.

Perl Research Institute


Looks interesting from what Google Translate is able to show me!

This is fucking cool.

Good luck and godsspeed.

-- mst

Good luck with your company.

I think it might be a good selling point if people know where Perl is used. I have heard that LINE is based on Perl. All Japanese kids use LINE so if they know that is Perl they might become interested in the language. But I don't know if LINE is still Perl or not.

the interesting thing is that how to your company to make money ? live is first , I think .

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