I finally start to translate Japanese Perl Zemi to English.

I finally started to translate Japanese Perl Zemi to English.

Perl Zemi | Perl Zemi|Perl Installation, Perl Tutorial, Many Examples

Perl Zemi is Japanese Perl Tutorial site which is well known and red in Japan. Most of all Japanese Perl users know Perl Zemi and read the document repeatedly.

The volume of content is large and has a reputation for being easy to understand.

This site is originally Japanese. I started to translate this site into English at 2021-11 using an automatically translation tool. I plan that the not very good descriptions and examples by the automatic translation will be gradually fixed until 2023-01.

I'm really going to achieve it.

Let's enjoy Perl with me!

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Yuki, this looks fantastic. I see that it starts with strict and warnings. Then I see it avoids bareword filehandles. I do see some places where the translation appears to have rendered Perl code that cannot run, but you've already noted that.

Thank you :)

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